Wonders of nature, enhanced by the passion of a lifetime. In the ornamental plants of the Marconi nurseries natural creativity and more than two centuries of history and experience are joined.

Marconi Plants company is now a reality of Italian and European nurseries, which bases its competitive strength of specialization, selection, and high product quality and service.

The company has a logistic structure for processing and stocking of 50,000 square meters set in the historic headquarters of Grottammare.

Here arrive the plants from Marconi nurseries located in the Piceno region between Grottammare, San Benedetto del Tronto, Cupra Marittima, Massignano, and composed of 70% by potted plants and 30% from plants grown in the ground.

The highest point of Marconi’s product is the passion animating the family and workers of the company. A workforce consisting of over 25 highly skilled people, operating in a climate of collaboration, based on the comparison and cultural integration.

It is the company that looks to the future and makes their wealth of multiculturalism, in national and international markets. The company exports, in fact, throughout Europe, in France and Spain, Germany and England, Greece, Croatia and Hungary.

Green landscapers and architects choose Marconi to find a single and quick answer to their own needs. An individual advice and tailored nursery supplies, are made ​​possible by a very wide range of plant species and variations of colours and sizes.

The nature and history in perfect harmony between beautiful plants that let born and grow the Marconi company for more than two hundred years ago.
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